Chimes of Love Op. 47, No. 23
Published on: May 31, 2009


You may listen to Chimes of Love Op. 47, No. 23 without downloading by using the music player provided below.


Chimes of Love Op. 47, No. 23 was composed by Stephen Heller. The recording is performed by Jeremiah Jones and is 1 minute and 50 seconds in length.

This is my first recording of a piece by Stephen Heller. Heller lived the same life span as Franz Liszt, only offset by two years (Heller was 1813-1888 and Liszt was 1811-1886). Heller, like Liszt, was best known for his piano works and was quite a talented and famous composer for the greater part of his life. However, his reputation had all but dissappeared towards the end of his life. Heller produced an enormous volume of piano music and I enjoyed recording this brief work.

This recording was completed at home on my studio upright.



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