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Hello! My name is Jeremiah and I am the founder of Lisztonian. I am not a professional musician; but I have a strong passion for classical piano music and founded the Lisztonian website with the goal of sharing that passion freely with the public. I studied piano performance with Dr. Paul Pollei at BYU (read this to see why I switched away from music) but eventually settled on a technical degree instead. I still maintain my love of the piano by recording new works and publishing them here at the Lisztonian site. I choose to provide my recordings free to the public as a way of sparking interest in classical music and find joy in hearing from fellow artists and music lovers.

This site was founded in 2003 after producing an album, "Steps to Ascend". I decided to post the album on my personal website where others could download and listen to the music. As search engines began to pick up my site, there were hundreds of people downloading and listening to the music (the most popular selection happened to be Franz Liszt's "Love Dreams", or "Liebestraume"). I was excited to see so many people sharing the joy of classical music with me, so I created the Lisztonian site and dedicated the purpose of this site to publishing free classical piano recordings. The number of music downloads has now grown to 40,000,000 since January of 2008!

If you would like more information about this site, or if you have any questions/feedback then please contact me.


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