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Op. 100 No. 10 - Tender Flower
Johann Friedrich Burgmuller
Sonatina Op. 36, No. 6
Muzio Clementi
Sonatina Op. 36, No. 5
Muzio Clementi
Op. 100 No. 9 - The Chase
Johann Friedrich Burgmuller
Op. 100 No. 8 - The Sweet Grace
Johann Friedrich Burgmuller

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Clementi Sonatina Op. 36, No. 5

So I'm a little late in getting a new recording out there.... but better late than never!  I just posted a recording that I actually made many months ago, but struggled to find the time and energy to publish.  The recording is of Clementi's 5th Sonatina from Op. 36.  I wasn't pleased with my performance of this piece, particularly the left-hand of the first movement, but imperfection is a part of life :-)

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